Cormyr: The Mystra Mystery

Day 5 Continued

Scouring The False Temple

Day 5 continued.

Having secured our exit we stormed the depths of the temple. First we descended to a chamber strewn with rubble and guarded by an earth elemental and two guards. Somehow the guards hid themselves despite the encumbrance of banded plate armour and ambushed Artemis, our shifty scout from the south, but they fell quickly once we engaged them. The elemental of course was much tougher; he knocked out Artemis, and it took my White Raven technique along with Durak’s brute strength to bring it down.

After perusing a library and disarming an alarm we then came into a hall with a purple rimmed portal of pure darkness at its end. Here we were attacked by the leader of the temple Lady Arthas herself, further guards, and a trio of strange serpents with some illusion at work making them seem displaced from their true location. The humans again were no challenge, but Lady Arthas gave us considerable trouble – her spell of darkness made landing a blow upon the serpents even harder and it took my companions precious time slaying them. Meanwhile I darted through a gap in the melee to engage Arthas. Her skill at arms was lacking, but she did endure my Mountain Hammer technique and an Emerald Razor follow up in order to curse me with a dark spell that sapped my strength. With help from the others though we defeated her, shoving her through the chill portal and beating her within an inch of her life when she stepped out of it.



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