Cormyr: The Mystra Mystery

Day 5 part 3

The Plot Thickens

A search of Arthas’s chambers gave overwhelming evidence of evildoings – books on evil gods, a torture chamber, Fembrys’ journal, preserved human heads… Lucky for us, as Cormyr’s lawkeepers the Purple Dragons soon arrived and demanded an explanation for our actions. Sergeant Illimor seemed a bit put out that we’d caused such a disturbance in the courtyard with the whole decapitation ploy, but he couldn’t fault us on uncovering the worshippers of Shar and with a little diplomacy we secured leave to finish our investigations, overseen by a sun elf wizard named Korfel who’d arrived with Illimor. He is a friend of the mage who worked at the temple so I have my suspicions about him, thus far he seems fine but I will keep my eye on him.

With further exploration we found what might be a portal to the Plane of Shadow, a shrine covered in bones, and a secret underground dock with holding cells, guarded by an otyugh and a veteran spearfighter, whom I grossly underestimated. How ironic, that when finally I am matched with a worthy foe I still suffer from the dark priestesses enfeebling curse. He held his own, but cornered and outnumbered he found his spear was the wrong tool for the job and he fell to our blades. Oh yes, the mage distracted him with a cantrip from his wand too, but still I’m not sure whose side he’s on.

Besides a good fight we also found a pontoon, a female prisoner, and a map to a Sharran stronghold to the east. Or was it west? I found the map confusing. The prisoner told us how she and several other magically talented ‘initiates’ were being taken to this secret lair, but who knows why. Apparently those poor souls who fell afoul of Fembrys Starweaver but lacked any gift for magic became his playthings, as evidenced by their headless bodies in the torture chamber and the heads on his wall. Plenty of evidence for Tunnasta Drannic anyway, and possibly further employ and combat to come. This pleases me greatly.



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