Cormyr: The Mystra Mystery

Days 1-5

The Story Begins

Day 1

My search for worthy challenges took an interesting turn today – Durak ad I came across an intriguing message in our inn, a notice asking all interested parties to meet with “the man in blue” at another inn of Wheloon and, take his commission of solving a riddle. After determining said man to be an elderly priest of mystra we decided to meet with him and learn more. When we found him he was with two other likely looking travellers, and he told us a tale of how he was recently attacked while checking out a newly built temple to Mystra which he found suspicious. His ‘riddle’ was to determine what was really going on there and bring back evidence to him, and the reward is to be 2,000 gold pieces. The four of us (Myself and Durak plus Artemis & Khamesh) accepted and agreed to work together, split the 500GP advance, and now we are heading to the temple to investigate.

Day 2

We found nothing untowards about the temple except that the priest leading the evening ceremony was eggageratedly friendly, so to learn more (only Artemis was happy to simply break in) we decided to go back today and undertake Mystra’s Sacred Trust – four days of initiation into the folds of Mystra’s faithful. Soon we leave our comfy inn room for some cold temple dormitory. I hope we learn something useful.

Day 5

What a bore! We’ve been here for four days now, chanting, sleeping, and washing ourselves far more than is good us I’m sure. We have seen very little of the temple, but we have met Starweaver Fembrys about whom the old priest told us. We are just about to undergo the final ritual of the course. Here’s hoping something interesting happens.


Well it seems the old man was right. In the final ritual Starweaver Fembrys dominated Durak and I with an enchanted orb! The Beduin Khamesh used a spell granted by Kossuth to free me from Fembrys’ control, and after restraining Durak we armed ourselves and stormed the nave, killing Fembrys and six of his guards. We took his orb and some black robes from another room as evidence, and released Durak who had his mind back to himself again. A quick search and we decided to secure our exit before delving deeper. Durak had the sick but clever idea of taking Fembrys’ head to intimidate the guards in the temple courtyard, and along with a paralysis spell from Khamesh we secured the surrender of Shanthar and some 7 guards. Great success!



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