Marcus of Arabel

Human Warblade


Marcus stands just shy of 6 foot, has a powerful build and an obvious grace to his movements. Black hair and orange eyes speak of southern blood in his heritage. He dresses in lighter armour than most warriors of Cormyr because his unusual fighting style requires a greater degree of movement, and carries the sword his last master left him as well as his large round shield, a mighty longbow, and a couple of sidearms.

On getting to know him it becomes clear he is both a warrior and a scholar, with a good knowledge of Cormyr’s history, a smoother tongue and a much sharper mind than the average soldier or mercenary.


Marcus was once a retainer to House Hornswyft in Arabel, but during the Goblin War he failed in his duty, laid low by a humble sleep spell, and his lord was slain defending the city. Ashamed of his failure and without purpose, his entire life having centred around duty to his lord, he left Cormyr as soon as the war was over.

His aimless wandering took him to Raven’s Bluff on the shore of the sea of Fallen Stars, where eventually he was lifted out of depression by a Shou master of the Sublime Way. Master Ikko recognised Marcus’ need for direction as well as his natural talent for swordsmanship, and for two years trained him in the Diamond Mind, Iron Heart, Stone Dragon and White Raven fighting styles, as well as the philosophy of The Way. Eventually he reached the point where he could only further his skill and understanding through personal experience, so Master Ikko gave to Marcus his own sword and bade him go out into the world.

Still feeling somewhat lost Marcus travelled and made his way the only way he knows – fighting – while seeking a deeper meaning to his life. Since meeting Durak he has wound up back in Cormyr for many reasons, including some slight feelings of vengeance rising from his apathy about the Goblin War.

Marcus of Arabel

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